Scale: Credit Score Highest To Lowest

If you have credit chances are you have a credit score. Better yet, if you are applying for a mortgage, or car loan, or insurance, or even a job you may want to know your credit score. You may also be interested in know the credit score scale highest to lowest so you can guage whether or not you need to improve your credit to get what you want.

Credit Score Scale

Credit scores range anywhere from approximately 850 to 350. The highest I have personally seen was 849 and the lowest was 375 and I have looked at 1000′s of credit reports over the years.

Any credit score over 700 you could consider excellent. 680 is not bad either, it is good, just not excellent. Who says what is excellent? One guide you could go by is a mortgage requirement of 740. To get the absolute best mortgage rates you need to have credit scores more than 740. That is to say you need to have a middle score greater than 740.

Yes, there are three credit scores, one from each of the credit bureaus: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Chances are, you will not get the same credit scores from each of the three bureaus as they each tweak their credit scoring process just a little different from each other.

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